On the Titles of Kishi

Just some general questions about how to use the dan level and title of kishi in English conversation.

Not exactly sure if this is the right place to ask, but this problem has come up for me when I talk about characters from Sangatsu no Lion. I usually use the character's full name or last name followed by their dan level: Kiriyama 5-dan/Kiriyama Rei 5-dan, and since this is what I usually see in the scanlations. I'm also more used to it, because that's the Japanese way of doing it. I think this one should be acceptable.

But for titleholders I'm not sure where the title goes (maybe any translation group has addressed this? I've been reading the raws for all the later parts where there are titleholders). If we go with the English way, then the title should come before the name, right? Like Meijin Souya Touji. Or should I use the Japanese way to be consistent with dan level (Souya Meijin)?

Finally, the case of titleholders with multiple titles (but not meijin or ryūō). I realize this hasn't come up in the manga yet (which is why I'm very hesitant to broach this topic; please tell me if this is inappropriate, I'll delete it), but considering this just might show up... Taking the example of real kishi (and one of the inspirations for Souya btw :D) Habu Yoshiharu-sensei. He holds three titles as of now, and is thus 三冠 (sankan, three crowns). In English, should it be Habu Sankan, Habu 3-kan, or Sankan Habu?

Thank you for bearing with the long post. I hope my questions were pretty clear. If you want to talk to me about shogi, please do because you'll make me very very happy (not sure if there's a DM function here, but I have other social media sites posted on my profile).