Touji Souya
Kanji 宗谷 冬司
Rōmaji Sōya Tōji
Age 41
Birthdate December 7
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Shogi Player

Touji Souya (宗谷 冬司 Sōya Tōji) is a professional shogi player who holds the title of Meijin. He is one of five shogi players in history who went pro in middle school, and he became the youngest Meijin ever. His appearance hasn't changed much since he was a teenager, so he looks very young. He has been compared to a god in shogi, but he's a bit absent-minded. After his match with Kiriyama, it was revealed that he has some sort of intermittent hearing loss of unknown cause.